Bangladesh, a developing country, experienced sustained fiscal growth for the last few years due to increased industrialization. Due to a rapid economic growth, the requirement for energy is surging every day. Due to hiking the price of energy production cost and crises of Natural gas reserve, energy efficiencies now become a crucial point for us.

Energy efficiency in industry is not only beneficial from the government perspective, but can also be advantageous for the business owners . From the government perspective, energy efficiency measures could lead to reduced energy use from industry, which is highly important for a country like us, considering the significant gap between demand and supply of energy, along with highly governmentally subsidized energy prices. Moreover, with the demand to mitigate global climate issues, it is important for industries to improve energy efficiency for reducing CO2 emission, which is achievable by implementing proper energy management practices.

In addition, this improved efficiency is also beneficial for business owners, as well as for an increase in production efficiency, cheaper production, higher productivity, and improved competitiveness. The textile industry of Bangladesh is the highest export earner of Bangladesh, with this sector responsible for 81% of the aggregated gross domestic income of the country and also one of the major users of energy. The textile industry is considered one of the major six target industrial sectors which have huge energy-saving potential in Bangladesh; it is responsible for more than 27% of the total energy use in industry. Currently, the textile industry in Bangladesh has more than 5600 factories, which is expected to increase further.

From our observation we found more than 60% of energy wasted by the motor drives.

Energy Conservation Management Technologies

Since energy management is relevant to a wide range of departments within a company, it is necessary to enhance the awareness, improve the knowledge and obtain the participation and cooperation of everybody involved in the production process.

Improving efficiency of electricity use can be obtained from

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